Message from the President:

Dr. Mary J. Matthews

Welcome, and thank you for taking time to visit the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church’s Lay organization (Connectional Lay Council) website.  This website offers a wealth of educational material, newsletters, forms, and other tools, to assist you in achieving your goals in lay ministry.

The lay organization (Connectional Lay Council) was first established by the 1916 General Conference.  The General Conference of The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church directs that there shall be a Lay Council for the purpose of deepening the spiritual life of the Laity, disseminating information, cultivating denominational loyalty, expanding the denomination through education and evangelism and promoting any other interest of the Kingdom of God.

We are all about bringing others to Christ, it’s our motto. The Connectional Lay Council has embraced the Quadrennial theme as presented by The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Episcopal Leadership during the 2016 General Conference: “THE FREEDOM CHURCH: Refocusing on Our Purpose, Reviewing Our Practices, Retooling Our People, Reaching Our Potential.” Information relevant to this theme can be found under the Resources Tab on the website.

Through the ministry of this website, we invite you to share in the wonderful experience of what it means to be a connectional church family. If you are not a member of the Connectional Lay Council, join today and make a difference in the life of your church. To receive the CLC newsletter and other email communications, send your name and email address to the CLC office using the Contact Us Tab on the website. 

Revisit the website often, to stay abreast of the latest news, activities, study materials and information on Connectional Lay events.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Mary J. Matthews, International President